Common Poker Errors to Avoid

Common Poker Errors to Avoid

The first step to being a profitable player is to eliminate the easy mistakes. Online players are rife with mistakes when they play low stakes cash. You may be guilty of them too. That’s why in this article we’re going to reveal the common poker errors to avoid in the modern game. Hopefully by the end of this post you’ll realise how costly they can be and stop them in the future.

Paying Off Regulars

It never ceases to amaze us when we see social players continuously pay off the regulars. A regular is someone that is playing practically full-time hours. Most of their big bets are going to be for value as they are often multi-tabling. You can see them regularly getting paid off at the best online casino Malaysia. Paying them off with average hands at the river is a common poker error you should avoid. Often, they’ll be betting two pair or better hands and checking down weaker, particularly if the board runout presents a flush or straight.

Limping In

A common tactic among recreational player is to simply call before the flop. They may choose to do this with average hands i.e., too weak to raise but too strong to fold pre-flop. This is an error as better players will bully you around. You’ll find that they will iso-raise over you to get you one on one. Once heads up they can continuation bet and bluff with impunity. By limping in, you’re still having to pay more when they raise so you may as well fold or raise yourself if you opt to play.

Calling Re-Raises Lightly

The re-raise or 3-bet is a powerful move in Texas Hold’em. It used to be a way of saying “hey I’ve got queens or better”. This is not as true anymore but it’s still a way of having the aggressive lead in the hand. Something beginners tend to do is not give them enough credit and call the 3-bet lightly. This can be a costly error as the pot will be larger and you don’t have the momentum of being the active raiser. Therefore, we urge beginners to think twice before calling a re-raise.

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