Comparing the house edge – Online vs. Land casinos for popular games


The house edge, also known as the casino advantage, refers to the statistical percentage of each bet that the casino expects to keep over time. This edge allows casinos, both online and land-based, to be profitable. The house edge varies between different casino games and is a major factor to consider when choosing what to play.


Slots are among the most played casino games, both online and at land casinos. The house edge for slots is generally very high, usually set somewhere between 5% and 15%. However, online slots tend to have a slightly lower house edge than their in-person counterparts. This is likely due to lower overhead costs for internet casinos. The typical house edge for online slots is around 5-10% compared to 8-15% at local casinos.

  • Number of reels – More reels means more possible symbol combinations, lowering the chances of winning combinations.
  • Number of paylines – More paylines mean more ways to win, lowering the house edge.
  • Slot variance – Low variance (“tight”) slots have a higher house edge than high variance (“loose”) slots.
  • Bet size – The house edge is generally lower when betting max compared to betting min.

So when playing slots, choosing a high variance online slot game with more reels/paylines and betting the maximum when you play help lower the house edge compared to a traditional slot machine.


Blackjack is a table game requiring both luck and skill. When played optimally using proper basic strategy, the house edge quite low. At land casinos, the house edge for blackjack is typically between 0.5% and 1% but gets as high as 2% depending on the rules and number of decks used.

At bro138 casinos, blackjack tends to have a lower house edge, averaging around 0.5% or less when proper strategy is used, due to more favorable rules and options like an early surrender. Additionally, online casinos allow blackjack fans to leverage tools and blackjack charts to more easily adhere to optimal strategy compared to in-person casinos.

  • Number of decks – More decks make it harder to track cards and lower odds.
  • Ability to surrender – Early or late surrender lowers the house edge by allowing players to fold bad hands.
  • Dealer hits soft 17 – If the dealer has to stand on soft 17, the player odds are better.
  • Double down rules – Restrictions on when doubling is allowed increase house edge.
  • Splitting aces – Allowing the resplitting of aces benefits players.

So when playing blackjack online, finding games with favorable rules like early surrender and soft 17, using strategy guides, and taking advantage of multiple-hand options lead to even lower house edges compared to land casino blackjack tables.