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Although there are many cash or real money players who choose to play poker variants of six max or full ring tables, there are also many professional cash players who actually earn most of their money playing heads up. Because it is generally believed that players specialized in heads up have more potential than experts in six max or full ring, these players often face players of all kinds, weak, not weak, beginners, regular, non-regular, professionals, etc. However, if the heads up experts detect that their player has a level similar to or higher than theirs, they have no qualms about leaving the table and looking for other rivals to take advantage of with their skills.

It is very common to see inexperienced players who are still in the process of learning dominoqq poker, at heads-up tables, players who come from other games or who are learning about poker playing heads-up or heads-up because the action is constant and always they are playing, unlike the full ring tables or the six max tables (although not so much in these ones) where the game is a little less active.

Basic Tips for Playing Heads Up

Let’s already point out some specific aspects on how to face the game in heads-up play. Later we will explain the characteristics at the tactical level that we must do to adjust our game to each type of heads up:

The correct strategy to play heads up will depend a lot on the variant of poker that we are going to play, but these are some general guidelines.

  1. The pre-flop ranges are usually more flexible and numerous when playing face to face or heads up. While a full ring player can choose to play 20% of their hands, a heads up player will generally play about 70% of their hands.
  2. In heads up mode, the hands that end up forming in the following streets until reaching the river have more value than in the full ring tables. In heads up hands like Ace high are often good and winners of many pots and yet at long tables they will almost always be worthless and we are unlikely to get a hand in the showdown.

Seeking to play only against weak or inexperienced heads-up players is known as “bumhunting”, and although “abusing” this is considered bad for the poker ecosystem in general, it is difficult not to take full advantage of that, although for a part of the poker community is a negative connotation and despise it. Although no player really likes to lose and I honestly don’t think anyone would hesitate to take advantage of this situation if they were presented.

Heads up at the cash games tables

This is possibly the type of poker where the player will be in a more excited state and where he has more pressure and especially in Omaha and Texas Holdem, he is more exposed to variance. In this modality the game will be almost constant and almost all the hands will be disputed. In this mode, even when you decide to discard initial hands, you are really making decisive decisions. A player who is “tighter” than is considered normal may not obtain the best results in this modality.