No minimum deposit and withdrawal Online Gambling: Effect on Youth


The popularity of online gambling has increased exponentially over the last few years. Online Gambling mainly gains popularity among teenagers and college students. It is easy to manipulate them and put them in the online gambling scene. It includes multiple betting options like virtual poker, casinos and sports betting. There are several applications that allow users to bet on sports players and earn money.

Reason behind Youth Gambling:

The teens or youth of this generation are living in a society where online gambling is advertised over the internet openly. It is legal in almost 48 states. You might have seen an advertisement for Dream 11 on television. These all applications catch the attention of teenagers and manipulate them to involve in online gambling.

At the age of experimenting with some new aspect of life, they are spending their parent’s money on gambling. They can’t focus on their studies because of these scenarios. Youths find it very interesting as they start getting money from online servers but they don’t know that the control of their mobile or laptop is with the host.

Everyone gets interested in the ฝากถอนไม่มีขั้นต่ำ( No minimum deposit and withdrawal) and these applications work like a lottery system only. If you win you will get double or triple rewards otherwise nothing. It gathers the attention of youth or teenagers on online gambling and then they start doing it on a regular basis.

It is very important to understand the difference between addiction and just playing some games. Parents should understand and discuss the risk to minors surrounding this online gambling activity. Everyone should take adequate information about online gambling before engaging in it.

Current Laws on Online Gambling

Following are some laws:

  • There are not any concrete laws regarding online gambling in India as of now. They did not decide whether it is legal or illegal.
  • Some foreign companies which provide services to India are allowed to operate from the country. Many of them have global licenses but some of them are scams too.
  • Every state has their own rules regarding online gambling.


Online Gambling can be dangerous or gainful in different aspects. People should be aware of what kind of information is shared with the host of that application. Online gambling should not be your addiction. It should just be a game for entertainment purposes only. People should not get greedy because it is a lottery system and, in the lottery, we know people can lose a huge amount of money.