Your Ultimate Guide to Playing Sic Bo Through Online Casinos


Apart from online slots in Singapore, Sic Bo is another simple betting market perfect for beginners and seasoned gamblers alike. The game was first introduced as a game played by combat fighters in Ancient China during their free time and spread to other parts of the world. Also called Dai Siu, Hi-Lo, or Tai Sai in other parts of the world, Sic Bo has survived countless alterations in the game as it has become one of the popular games enjoyed by many nowadays.

Sic Bo is played by rolling three dices into a covered dome, and the punters will need to guess the roll’s outcome. This makes the game more straightforward to understand, especially for those who are just starting their betting journey.

But even though countless individuals consider Sic Bo a simple dice game, it is still vital to thoroughly understand the game’s technicalities. Knowing the types of bets and potential betting strategies will help maximize the wagers and significantly increase the chances of making a profit.

The most popular type of wager in Sic Bo is the small or big bets, which is somewhat the most straightforward option for gamblers. Here, if the bettor thinks that the total outcome of the three dice would be between 4-9, then their stakes would be placed on small bets. But if they believe that it would be between 10-17, then it should be placed on the big bet.

Another betting option available for Soc Bo is called the combination bet. Here, the bettors would need to pick a combination of two numbers that they think would come out in a single roll. The payout for this betting type is 6:1.

When it comes to strategies, it is advised for punters first to play demo games of Sic Bo to familiarize themselves with the rules thoroughly and the board used to place the bets. They will also be able to formulate their strategies using demo games of Sic Bo. In addition, choosing small and big bets most often will go a long way in the long run. It has the highest odds of all options, which helps maximize the wagers efficiently.

To learn more about the guide to playing Sic Bo through live casinos online in Singapore, check this infographic provided by 88probetand 88ProAsia.