A guide to‘Jacks or Better’ Video Poker

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Learning new games can be complicated, but they do not always need to be. From sports and chess to card games, there are quick ways to learn the rules and become a successful player. 

When we are getting started with Jacksor Better, we must first assess the basics of poker. You receive your cards as usual, but Jacks or Better is a video version of poker, so you will not see the cards given to you on the table. Finding the best NJ Online Casino will ensure you enjoy a good version of the game. 

What you are looking for is the same as in ordinary poker in one sense; you want to hold a series of cards at the end of the game, which beats the other players, or in this case, the computer. 

At the end, the five highest cards will win, which is the same as in poker, but with this game, there are some differences. For example, you could not win with a pair of 8s, or a pair of 10s, which is where the term Jacks or Better is derived.

To win a minimum wager, at the odds of one to one, you need to end up with a pair of jacks. That will allow you to get back the same bet value you placed. As you go through the available winning hands from here, each return of your wager will be increased. For example, a two pair will see you getting back double what you put on in the first place, while three of a kind will triple it. 

The higher-value hands will, of course, generate a much better return, and if you get incredibly lucky and turn out to be holding a royal flush, you can receive a 500-fold return on what you bet in the first place. Naturally, the chances of this are low, and therefore the odds reflect it. 

Which hands you get the best payout for below a royal flush are a little more attainable, although you cannot expect them to arrive on every hand. If you end up with a straight flush, it is 50 times the wager, while it is 25 for four of a kind. 

One of the reasons this version of poker is so well-loved is because it is seen as a very winnable game with the right strategy, which may mean folding more hands than you are used to with regular poker. 

Once you get to grips with how the game works and what you need to do to get started, you may well find why it is yet again becoming one of the most popular versions of poker. As technology improves and video gaming provides a much-improved experience, many people turn to games such as Jacks or Better because they love the feel of the gaming as much as the playing of poker.