Essential Deals for the Right Martingale Method in Online Poker

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To play roulette is to count on your luck. You have to have it clearly to be able to guess which number will be designated by the ball. But when it comes to your bets, there are strategies to improve returns. In any case, this is what some say about the martingale.

These qq online techniques, we present them to you because they exist but we prefer to warn you immediately: they will not be advantageous in the long term, risk to make you lose a lot of money and are not allowed in online casinos.

The simple martingale and the large martingale

The Martingale roulette is to double your bet when you lose a round. For example, if you start by betting $ 1 and you lose, then you will bet $ 2, if you lose again, you will bet $ 4, and so on. You get back to your original bet when you make a winning move. Doubling your stakes after a losing bet is supposed to make up for any losses.

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But depending on the limits of the table, a series of losses could well make you reach the maximum level of the amount of the authorized bet and thus stop you in your procedure. Thus, you will no longer have the means to make up for your previous losses with a possible gain.

  • The big roulette martingale is exactly the same thing. The only difference is that in the event of a loss, you will add € 1 to the doubled bet. For example, you start by betting € 1, if you lose you will bet 2 + 1 = € 3. If you lose again, then you will bet 6 + 1 = € 7 on the next round. Likewise, if you lose again, you will play 14 + 1 = € 15 and so on. If you win, you return to an initial bet, € 1 in our case.
  • These martingales only apply to bets that earn you 1 time your stake (flush, miss / pass, even / odd), for the probability of ½. Otherwise, these bets would be too risky.

The Paroli method

This method is also called “reverse martingale”, which is why we have decided to present it to you as well. Paroli can be a good method if you know how to set limits.

The goal of this method is not to double when you lose but rather when you win. In any case, if you lose, it will not have much consequence since without even using a method, you would have lost this amount as well. This means that you will put what you win back into play. Let’s say you start with a $ 1 bet. If you win, you will bet € 2, then if you win again, you bet € 4. If you lost at this time, it should be understood that you will have lost only € 1 in reality.