How to Bet on Live Basketball and Win


Basketball is quite fun and captivating to play and watch. The core drives behind the fun and vitality of the sport are mostly in the way it keeps you engaged and thrilled. We all have had an experience watching or playing basketball, and I can tell you without fear of contradiction that nobody will pass over a pitch where basketball is being played without a glimpse. For the diehard basketball punters, watch out for these tips to boost your success when betting on live basketball at Sbotop.

Bet on Total Points Odd or Even

I’ve been betting on live basketball and I can assure you with invigorated confidence that betting on the total points to be even or odd surely pays. The only tricky part is mastering the game tempo and point-scoring drift from the word go. If the first quarter ends in total even points and the second ends in total odd points while the third ends in total even points, chances are high the fourth quarter will end in total odd points. Master the point-scoring drift of each game and try to wager your money on either odd or even total points.

Bet On Total Points

When it comes to basketball, total points bets are the most lucrative. In almost 90% of all the daily basketball bet wins, more than 70% are from total point bets. Betting on basketball total points is easy and fun. All it takes is to master the game scoring drift. Most of the games that score more points in the first half score fewer points in the second half. As well, many of the games that have fewer points in the first half get more points in the second half. However, for more precise prediction, if the game you want to bet on has scored fewer points in the first half, wait for the third quarter to determine their second-half point-scoring drift. If there are more points in the third quarter, you should consider betting on over while if there are fewer points, you should bet on under.

Bet on Total Points for Each Team

Another safe basketball betting strategy is wagering on total points for each of the teams involved in the match. I’ve won a lot of betting on the total points for the weaker team. If a team appears weaker, most sportsbooks will set their total points lower during the first half. Most of the weaker teams score fewer points during the first half, but score more points during the second half. For example, if you notice that a weaker team that has been scoring more than 70 points in the past is set to score 55 or 60 points, you should bet on it without ado.


These are the tips all smart Sbotop punters use to grow their bankroll. If you surely understand and master these tips, you will notice a big change in how often you win bets. You’ll be amazed by how fast your bankroll will grow and your winnings will increase.