How To Take Advantage Of The Bonuses Offered By The Sites


All football betting sites listed by the Winner welcome new users with open arms, offering special benefits to newcomers. To make your first experiences even more worthwhile, they provide very attractive bonuses to increase the amount you have available to start playing.

The operation of these bonuses is very simple:

  • When you make your first deposit, the site places an additional amount in your account for you to bet. This is a way to encourage the new user to explore all the possibilities offered by bookmakers.
  • The most common is that the site offers a bonus of 100% of the deposited amount. This means that the amount you have available to start making your guesses is doubled by the bookmaker. The difference between the various sites listed in our table is the maximum amount of this bonus, in addition to the terms of use of this bonus.
  • In all cases, you need to meet some basic requirements (such as not betting everything on one result, for example), but taking advantage of the bonus is usually quite easy – and, if you prepare accurate guesses, very profitable. A great way to start earning money with football bets. With the you can now find the best choices available for you.

Where To Find The Best Guesses And Predictions

In addition to choosing the ideal site for you, a recommended measure for anyone who aspires to be successful in the world of internet betting is to consult the guesses of football experts . They are an important resource for you to answer questions, get to know historical and statistical data and learn about perspectives different from yours.

  • Of course, your guess needs to reflect your perception and sensitivity about a game or championship. No one better than you to choose the best option when investing your money. But it is good to have an open mind and get in touch with different opinions.
  • First, because it is impossible to have all the information available about all the teams in a given competition. Therefore, consulting the predictions of the specialists who examine in detail all the matches is a great request.

Second, the projections include factors that you do not always have access to, such as historical and statistical background. This data can help you decide in the event of a hunch that you are still not 100% sure.

And not only that

The information can serve as inspiration for other bets. Upon discovering that one of the teams has the best defense in the competition, for example, you can choose to place your chips in the possibility that that team will finish the match without taking any goals. The possibilities are very numerous.

The Winner offers projections and forecasts of a qualified and always well-informed team. Check out our guesses, follow our profiles on social networks and increase your chance of making a successful bet.