Luck by Chance – The World of Online idnpoker Gambling


The Caribbean Connection of Online Gambling

When we think about India, everyone will agree with the fact that Cricket, alongside the Football, is the most favourite sport for betting in India. And it’s interesting to know that it’s the Caribbean Island of Antigua and Barbuda that introduced the world of online gambling. The first online gambling activity was performed in 1994, when the Government of Antigua and Barbuda allowed licensing of the first online idnpoker casinos. Well, Antigua and Barbuda are the same region that gave us Cricketing Giants like Vivian Richards, Andy Roberts, and Curtly Ambrose – Cricket, Caribbean, and Gambling – Quite a lot of interconnected links we see!

The types!

There are various forms on virtual gambling – it includes online casinos, betting, virtual poker games, but the Slot Machines top the charts, followed by online Poker. One must also understand that the gambling is not only about money-making: people also practice it for fun, and go for online gambling sites that do not involve use of money. With the increasing popularity of Online Poker in recent years, many countries legalized it, although declaring gambling as illegal. Here, it’s interesting to note that the age limit for Poker also differs from country to country, but let’s say that if you are 18+, then you are old enough to join the Online Poker community.

Online Gambling and Cyber Security

Though the risk of frauds and cyber-crimes lies there forever, the leading gambling sites claim and guarantee full security for online players. There have been incidents when a random trial of gambling for fun has made someone a millionaire, and there also have been cases when players who won a huge amount in gambling didn’t get a single penny from it, due to technical glitches! It’s all about luck!

Coronavirus Pandemic and Online Gambling

There’s not a single field left unaffected by the Coronavirus Pandemic and Online Gambling is no exception to that. With nations after nations declaring lockdowns and asking people to stay at home, with everything coming to a halt, there’s a HUGE rise in the traffic of virtual gambling sites. First the European Countries, followed by USA, and Asian Countries have contributed a lot in this, as thousands of people who once preferred live gambling, poker, and betting activities have resorted to the virtual version of these, thereby almost doubling the profit margin of gambling sites.