No Bad Option Available for Bookmaking


Now, is it enough to make good fair lines to be profitable? Obviously not, and whoever says that is selling illusions. Your fair line is your method. If your method is better than that of bookmakers, even that doesn’t guarantee you a profit.

Things You Need to Keep in Mind

Do not forget that you need to get more right than wrong, have higher win rate over the average odds bet. And through a fair line system you will always look for something + EV, which is great. But now think with me.


  • If your 안전토토사이트 bookmaker is offering 1.95 for Over 2.5 Goals and your fair line says 1.90, you will bet on it. But you will lose your bet if the result is Under 2.5 Goals. Did you find + EV in your method? Great, but that doesn’t guarantee you buzzers.


  • So it’s not simply finding positive EV to make money. And this is your opinion, do not forget that if there is positive EV in your fair line in a line, for another bettor who also has a fair line base the value may be in the opposite line.

And between you and me, how do you price better than a bookmaker? This is not easy.


Big bookmakers have oddmakers. In addition, the houses put their profit margin on top of the odds and also change the lines according to the money that comes in from the good bettors, who profit from that championship.

So don’t be fooled by that. You can price very well, but you will only make a profit if you place accurate bets.

Sports betting is not like poker, where you can calculate the amount of cards that can still be left on the deck to place bets in + EV situations and avoid -EV. In sports betting there are a multitude of inaccurate factors to calculate.

A little more of the fair line

  • But price, make your fair lines. It is important that you start thinking about sports betting as a professional gambler.
  • Fair line will also tell you if what you are betting is a right or wrong decision – just forget about the outcome of the bet.

Now, if you have a fair line system and it doesn’t suit the constant changes that houses make, your system will get old and outdated. The houses constantly change the ranking of the teams, which consequently changes the lines and odds.


Take Santos de Sampoli, from Brasileirão 2020. The Fish with certainty has risen in the ranking of bookmakers. But the houses made their lines for Santos in the first rounds based on the team of Campeonato Paulista, Sulamericana and Copa do Brasil tournaments in which the team did very badly.

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