Now You Can Play US Lotteries through Lottery Heroes


If you are fond of lottery games and have been paying a close attention to them from all over the world, you must have heard about the major lottery games. At present, some of the major lottery games being offered include the US Powerball, Mega Millions, and EuroMillions. 

Unfortunately, if you are not from the United States or from Europe, then your dream of participating in these lottery games would remain that way unless you travel to the respective regions. However, there is one online operator that can help you in purchasing lottery tickets without having to travel these countries.

You will find several posts and queries asking “can a South African play Mega Millions?” or “can a Turkish play Powerball?”, or “can a Kenyan play Lucky4Life?” 

However, this question has finally been answered by Lottery Heroes, which is an online lottery agent whose goal is to facilitate you in gaining access to such lottery games without having to leave your room even. 

About Lottery Heroes

The Lottery Heroes has been around for quite a while and it has been helping international lottery players gain access to games that were once out of their reach. The operator is known for providing a long list of lottery operators that the players can pick and can play games with. 

Furthermore, the platform provides international players more benefits if they go for the VIP memberships that it has to offer.

Another best thing about the platform is that it provides players with the securest and most protective channel for processing transactions when they make purchases for the tickets or pay for the memberships.

Transaction Protection by Lottery Heroes

Lottery Heroes is dedicated to ensure that all the transactions made by the international players and information shared by them is safe, and secure. The firm ensures that all information whether personal or financial, is secured through encryption and is processed through peer-to-peer channels. 

The security system provided by Lottery Heroes is industry level and ensures that none of the information provided by the users is accessible by third-parties.

Lotteries Offered by Lottery Heroes

At Lottery Heroes, the players are provided with numerous games that are only available to the city, state, or country locals. The platform provides players with a long list of lottery games that they can play and have more opportunities at their disposal of winning prizes.

At present, Lottery Heroes provides players with 27 lottery games out of which the most prominent ones are Mega Millions, Powerball, EuroMillions, EuroJackpot, Oz Lotto, France Lotto, and many more.

Types of Lottery Plays

At Lottery Heroes, the players can either choose lottery draw games or they can go with instant scratch-card games. If they want the results right there and then, the players can choose to go with instant scratch-card tickets and if they want to wait for the particular date, then they can go with lottery draw games.

Apart from the basic lottery plays, the players also have the opportunity to either go for the individual lottery plays or they can go with syndicate lottery plays. With individual lottery games, the players play individually and get to keep the entire prize money to themselves. On the other hand, with syndicate lottery games, the players get to purchase and play lottery games in groups. If a prize money is won, it is distributed among all the members in the syndicate.

Age Restriction 

The Lottery Heroes ensures that the players participating in the games through Lottery Heroes are adults and they are either at the age of 18 or above. If they are younger than that, they can be at the risk of facing legal issues. This is the reason why the players have to be 18 or over that in order to start playing lotteries.

Customer Support at Lottery Heroes

At Lottery Heroes, the players have the freedom of getting in touch with its customer support whenever they have any query or concern they wish to discuss. The players can get in touch with the customer support at Lottery Heroes 24/7 via email or phone.