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Value Bet is the only word that sports bettors have in their mouths on the bookmaker forums. If you are a fan of online sports betting, we have no doubts that you are betting everything on ValueBet. On the other hand for beginners, this is a fairly tedious exercise, because it requires you to bet more on thinking and math than on your instinct. In any case, we have gathered everything you need to come to understand the ValueBet, whether you are a beginner or even an expert sports bettor.

The Right Kind of Understanding

You will see that understanding the principle of the ValueBet is extremely simple. Indeed, it is a bet established if and only if, the probability of winning is greater than the profitability of this same bet. Of course, betting on a ValueBet does not mean that you will benefit from a winning bet automatically. Our favorite example, which relates to ValueBets, is that of the coin flip. Your odds of getting either are 50%, or a score of 2.

  • “(Probability of winning x odds) / 100. You will find yourself in a ValueBet situation if the result of the equation is greater than 1. “

Now imagine that a bookmaker offers a rating on the stack of 2.5. The formula is as follows: (Probability of winning x odds) / 100. You will find yourself in a ValueBet situation if the result of the equation is greater than 1. According to our example: (50% x 2.5) / 100 = 1.25. The value is greater by 0.25, so you are in a Value Bet situation.

How to benefit from a ValueBet?

What should put you on the chip, it would be a odds of 2.5 on a bet being based on 50/50. However, be careful, because do not forget that bookmakers take a margin on betting, and that they count among their teams pros of sports betting. In our experience, you will have to adopt a very specific behavior to locate and take advantage of ValueBet situations. You will have to be extremely rigorous, and bet less than 5% on the bets, in order to avoid the big losses in the long term. Be sure to analyze each of the bets offered by the bookmaker so that you can easily gain the upper hand. Avoid wagering, as there are only a few so-called ‘ValueBet’ bets.

Also, in case of an incorrect forecast, which will lead you to a losing bet, do not get into the bad habit of wanting to redo because by following the logic of ValueBet, you will necessarily be a winner in the long term. You understand that the ValueBet is a perilous exercise, if you tend to trust your instincts. However, it is the most cost-effective solution for most online sports bettors.