The Basis of the Poker Success for You


Before we move on to the initial strategy, we need to discuss one more important thing. That is the position. In link idn poker, a very important role is played by the place that the player occupies at the table, where he is in relation to the dealer the dealer button. Since the order of the players does not change in any of the bidding rounds, the one who sits in the back (closer to the dealer) gets a lot of additional information, until it is his turn. (In the long run, this advantage is of course equalized, because the role of the dealer-button is taken over by everyone in turn, but in a given position, the player always has the biggest advantage in the last place.)

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In a game with 10 players, this is how positions should be imagined:

SB and BB are in a special position, because they are in the last place in the preflop, but they are the first in the next bidding rounds. They already had to pay some money into the game, so their starting strategy is quite special. Starting with the flop, however, they should be treated as those with an early position.

  • After BB, 3 places are early positions. You need to play the most careful here.
  • The next 3 places are middle positions.

On average

The last two places (button and the one immediately before it) are late positions. This is the best place, it has the most opportunities to play.

If there are not ten players at the table, then you should imagine that people are missing in the first position. Zanchi, if 6 people play, there are 2 middle and two back positions (+ SB and BB). This also means that you should play more relaxed against fewer players, which is of course logical: if there are fewer players, there are less chances to deal many good login idn cards.

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Let’s see what is the information that makes the last player gain an advantage:

First of all, he already sees how many of them entered the game before him. In preflop, that can mean a lot. There are cards in the first hand with which the game can be played successfully only if there are more of them in the game, while in the case of some other combinations there is a greater chance of winning if there are only 2-3 players in the game. From the last position, you can see exactly how many players will be on the flop.

It is important to know if anyone has picked up. Sometimes, of course, you go for a bluff, but in most cases, you can believe that the one who invests really holds good cards in his hands. If they have invested before me, then we will calmly throw some border case or a card that we need to draw, namely because of two units it is not worth entering (a card that cannot survive on its own, but is good for flush or straight, e.g. 9T s), then maybe after me everyone will give up, and with 2-3 opponents that card is not so good, or maybe everyone behind me will invest, which also endangers my chance.

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