What Does A Marked Deck Of Cards Look Like?


You will find secretive marks on a marked deck of cards. These marked cards are generally used during playing cards and by magicians while performing tricks to entertain the audience. The marks on the cards assist the user to easily identify the card from the backside. The marks are quite distinctive and are used to differentiate cards of various types.

Marks come in varied shapes and sizes and there are techniques to read them. The marked decks have an instruction guide for the performer to recognize the marks well. The unmarked cards are very much identical to the unmarked card and if you are not a pro you wouldn’t be able to trace the difference. They have very complex pattern on the back of the cards so that the mark becomes negligible for a layman who isn’t paying much attention to the card. The mark would tell the performer about the value and suit of the card even without only by gazing at the backside of the card. The use of marked cards for cheating or magic tricks dates back to several years ago.

How To Recognize A Marked Deck Of Cards?

The marked deck tricks are made visible through marked card contact lenses or invisible ink glasses. By a general look at the cards from outside, you wouldn’t possibly be able to make a difference between marked and non-marked cards. They are made processed based on ordinary playing cards so that they have generic looks and can be used in casinos without being found. A good quality marked a deck of cards looks very similar to a normal playing card. They are smell-less and sealed. There are many brands available in the markets that sell marked deck of cards. For a closer view and better understanding, you may buy one and know more about its usage.

Features Of A Perfect Marked Deck Of Card

  • The reader should be able to identify any card just by holding the card from the backside and not seeing its face.
  • If the card is readable to the identifier without the need to mark it yourself.
  • One should be able to hand over the deck without the fear of getting detected.
  • Direct reading made the possible and instant location of the marks.

When you buy a pack of marked cards, you should go for a simple bundle. The card that doesn’t require codes or complex symbols to interpret is the one that you should go for.