What Is The best Choice in d’Alembert Strategy



For betting on the d’Alembert strategy, it is better to bet on odds of at least 2.0 and make the amount of the first bet 1/20 of the bank. The essence of this strategy is this:

  • By losing, you increase your bet by a certain amount of x.
  • By winning, you reduce the bet by the same amount.

You choose the size of the bet change yourself, and do not change it during the game for a long time.

An example of a d’Alembert strategy

Take the same bank at 5,000 dollars, and make the first bet of 250 dollars (1/20 of the bank) for an event with a coefficient of 2.4. If we lose, then in the Bank we will have:

5000-250 = 4750 dollars

  • We raise the next bet by 250 dollars (the initial unit of bets). And we put 500 dollars on an event with a coefficient of 2.5
  • If we win, we get 4750 + 750 = 5550 dollars. The next bid will be reduced by 250 dollars. And again we set 250.
  • If we lose, then 4750-500 = 4250 dollars. The next bid is increased by 250 dollars. In this case, we put 750 dollars.

Example bet on the d’Alembert strategy

This is a rather risky strategy, therefore, we do not recommend increasing the size of the bet after losing, especially for beginners.

Counter d’Alembert Strategy

There is also a counter-d’Alembert strategy. This is the same as d’Alembert, just the opposite. If you lose, you decrease the bet; if you win, you increase. It should be noted that this method is most effective if the winnings or losses are consecutive in series.

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Top tips for newbies in sports betting

All formalities passed, congratulations. And the account is replenished. The most interesting thing left is to make the first bet. Here are some tips to help every newcomer avoid the most common mistakes when starting a betting game.

Define a bank for bets. Choose the amount that you are willing to risk, and do not go beyond this limit. Bank can be determined for a month. The amount should be such that its loss does not create problems for you. Putting the last money or bank savings cannot be categorically. Do not bet on everything. Try to analyze each event selected for the bet. “Charge” for good luck over and over again is a good way to quickly lose your entire bank. Approach your bets wisely.

Listen to sports predictions from experts, but make your own choices. Top experts usually understand what they give forecasts. But blindly copy their forecasts is not necessary. Everyone is mistaken. Compare different opinions about the same match – and choose for yourself , click here and know about Sbobet88