Popular betting Options in the Right Ways


There is a popular betting system, which not everyone is ready to use because of the high risks and aggressive steps. The account must have a large amount that the bettor is ready to lose. The essence of the strategy: you need to set a bankroll in advance – the more, the better. Expect to be enough for at least 4 losses in a row. Next, you need to find a sporting event with a coefficient from 1.9 to 2.1.

The right Betting

Bet an amount equal to 2-3% of your 더킹카지노 bankroll. If the bet is played, you’re in luck. If not, double the amount or increase in such a way that if you win, you will recoup all the failures and get a small income. Continue until the game is successful. After the forecast turns out to be correct, you can return to the original rate.

Note if 7-9 times in a row you are haunted by failure, you should devote more time to game analytics or contact a professional privateer.


This bookmaker betting strategy is named after the French mathematician who developed it, known for his work in statistics and other disciplines. It was intended for casinos, but was later used by bettors.

The system is based on the amount of the bet: in case of winning, it decreases by 1 point, in case of loss, it increases. A certain amount is accepted for one point. If the first bet is $ 100, this will be the “pip”. For example, the first time you bet $ 50. If the bet is not played, it must be increased by $ 50. The D’Alembert system applies only to events with odds of 2 or closer. If the indicator is 3 or higher, then after a loss, the rate cannot be lowered, but returned to the original indicator. This will save you from excessive losses.

You can also use the counter-d’Alembert strategy, in which the opposite actions are performed: after a win, the rate increases, after a loss, it decreases. Thus, the risk of completely spending the pot in the event of a series of losses is reduced to zero.

Effectiveness of the d’Alembert and counter

D’Alembert’s technique is one of the most risky – if you initially put 1% of the pot, a losing streak (from 6 or more failures) will lead to bankruptcy. When using the counter-d’Alembert system, the loop closes after the first loss. In this case, the rate is reduced by 1%. For example, instead of $ 100, 99 is bet and the possible winnings are reduced. Therefore, other things being equal, the classic version of the strategy is more effective.

Oscar Grind

This strategy is mainly used for basketball predictions, but also applies to casinos. It only applies to matches with odds in the region of 2. This is not uncommon in basketball. The essence of Oscar Grind’s strategy is following the rules:

  • the rate is always increased by 1 point (we take the value of the first rate as a unit) after a failure
  • after the victory, the amount remains unchanged
  • net profit should not exceed 1 point (even if you have to reduce the size of the bet)

Interesting! The strategy is also suitable for baseball betting.