The Most Useful Strategies for Poker Blinds


We remember that these strategies are aimed at beginning players (or not very expert), who always have to find a way to facilitate their decisions as much as possible.

Poker bets

All-in or fold is a judi qq strategy that allows you to decide only between two options, helping you not to complicate yourself without reason, an essential fact that will make it easier for you to make the right decision, something essential when you are on the verge of elimination (with few chips) in a tournament.

As we have said, the definition of “being short of chips” depends on the situation in which you find yourself, although as a general rule it is accepted as having 10 blinds or less.

It is necessary and over time you must be able to know at all times the relationship between your stack of chips and the blinds, being especially important and essential to always keep in mind the limit of ten big blinds since that is the line behind which you should adopt said push or fold strategy.

Why is all-in better than raising?

Being with a small stack of chips, your biggest objective will be to survive and the best strategy to do so is to avoid any fight at the table.

Imagine that you have three big blinds and the play comes to you while in dealer position. You raise 3 blinds, having the big blind T, J. Many players would call such a bet with the mentioned hand, but would fold the hand if the bet was from the ten big blinds you currently have (or nine depending on the situation).

Unless you have a great hand as a pair of aces or kings, it is better for you if your opponent folds and thus take the blinds and before without risk.

Poker Betting: Stop and Go

The Stop and Go, although it sounds it may seem that it sounds like car racing, is a really important movement in poker, being an effective measure to disorient, confuse and, finally, to deceive rivals.

What is Stop and Go poker about?

Explained in a simple and perhaps too general way, Stop and Go consists of calling before the flop and being out of position a raise made by another player, to later make a strong bet , generally all-in, regardless of the cards that are shown on the flop.

Where is it done?

The Stop and Go is a play that is usually used effectively in multi-table and Sit and Go tournaments, being the quintessential scenario to do it when you are in the blinds and the bettor has the position (one of the last players before the blinds).