The Players and Their Gambling Options


As you can see, the hands of medium difficulty are more rewarded, in particular the All American player has a lot of advantage in case of Poker or Straight Flush! In fact, the game rules are the same as Jacks or Better, so only the payouts change, and so do the payouts. In fact, in some online casinos, if you adopt the correct game strategy, the payout can reach 99.4%, obviously if you bet the maximum number of coins each time.

Rules And Strategies For Playing All American

To play then the usual rules are used: you make a bet and receive five cards each hand, distributed from a deck of 52. You decide which cards to keep and which to discard and at that point you see the score achieved: you can win if at least a pair of jacks is hit, otherwise the dealer collects his bet. In addition, in most online casinos, with each bet you win, you can choose to: withdraw your winnings, bet everything you have won, bet half of what you won. In short, as the Paroli method recommends, you can optimize your winnings by replaying them immediately. At the end of each game, the deck is reshuffled again, thus resetting the games and the odds.

The Matter of Importance

It is important to remember that the deck is shuffled with each hand, in the strategy to win, it means that the game, from a statistical point of view, has no memory. Also, although All American video poker has the same rules as Jacks or Better, the fact that the payoffs are different must make you change your strategy a bit, which should be geared towards getting a little higher combinations? However, it is important to keep winning combinations in hand and only rarely break them to get a superior hand. So if you don’t have a winning combination in your hand when you first deal, you can follow the same rules as jacks or better. As you go for the kiss918 register option you can find the best deals there.

Most keep these two tips in mind:

If you have a winning pair and a high card in addition, discard the highest card as well: this does nothing but decrease your chances of getting three of a kind. It is true that it would be a good card for winning two pair, however in All American video poker the two pair is paid out as a single pair, so it is worth betting three of a kind: this is an important difference in strategy with jacks or better.

Always play with the maximum number of coins: this increases your chances of winning

A final tip, which also applies to other online casino games: always keep your nerve and do not aim only for medium difficulty hands, it is true that they have higher payouts than jacks or better, but breaking winning hands can make you lose.