What makes Choosing the Online Betting Market Perfect for You


At the time of entering the legal online betting market of the National Federation, sports betting, like other bookmakers, did not refuse the offshore version, which fell under thesanction. Legal Batsiti does not need to search for alternative entrances, as the site in the .com zone accepts bets legally, works through the CUPIS and is not blocked.

In the case of offshore, the actual site is located in several ways subscribe to the bookmaker’s channel in Telegram in order to receive an alternative address or find some way to bypass the locks. But it’s much easier not to look for ways to bypass the lock, it makes sense to switch to the legal version, which is not much inferior to the offshore in terms of functionality, but it works stably and does not require searching for other entry methods. Make a visit to https://totodesk.com/  for the best results.

Betsiti Demo Account

Betcity’s guest account is popular among those bettors who want to bet just for fun, or just learn to make successful bets with a bookmaker. The main feature of the Betsiti Guest Account is the ability to place bets without risking your money at all. It also makes sense to use the Betsiti Guest Account to test various strategies.

Access to the guest account (aka demo account) is possible exclusively from the old version of the site. Switching to it is carried out in just one click, if you initially got to the new version of the resource.

Betsiti guest score

Already there, on the old version of the site, click on the “Guest Account” button located in the left block in a prominent place. Next, confirm that you are not a robot and get a personal login and password to access the site. On the account is 10 thousand dollars (fictitious, of course), which you can bet on any events at your discretion.

Of course, you won’t be able to cash out your winnings, but if it happens that the account is reset, you can always log out of your account and create yourself a new one. Everything is absolutely free, and the number of guest accounts created is not limited by anyone.

Mobile version

The menu consists of seven items: line (by type of sport), results (by date), live (by type of sport), live results, Super Express (totalizator), live calendar, information and a link to the full version of the site.

Betsity mobile version

In parallel, the bookmaker is developing old and releasing new Android and iOS applications.

Line and Odds

If the bookmaker is able to attract bettors, then only by line and painting. Odds are published before the competition and take a loyal margin of about 5 percent. On the offshore resource, the odds were even higher.

Sports betting accepts bets not only on sports, but also cultural events and e-sports. The line and live even cover minor tournaments, such as the youth championship of the country in football under 14 years of age.